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Our swimming mermaid is a specialty act that has some technical requirements in order to provide a seamless performance. Guests must be away from the pool area and OUT OF SIGHT when our performer arrives and gets into the pool. 

The pool must be in-ground. No above-ground pools are allowed at this time and the water temperature must be at least 76 degrees. 

Guests must leave the pool area at the end of our visit so our mermaid can make her exit without being seen. We do provide transportation for the mermaid but if there is an option to come out of the tail we will do so. The mermaid's tail is heavy and built for swimming. We cannot say this enough PLEASE instruct your child to be careful around the mermaid. There will be no pulling, tugging, or holding onto the mermaid as she swims or while stationary, both for the safety of your child and our performer. The assistant will keep a close eye on our mermaid to ensure that these rules are followed. Please encourage your child to be gentle around the mermaid, just like he or she would around other humans and creatures.

Our mermaids are not hired models just to put on a tail to pose in. They are certified and have had proper training. Even though our mermaids are certified, they are not there to be a lifeguard. Please note that the assistant is strictly there to keep eyes on the mermaid and keep her safe at all times, and will not serve as a lifeguard for other guests as well.

Please keep in mind that our mermaids need water at a minimum of 4 feet deep to successfully swim in the water with your child (if it is a swimming party). If you have younger children that are not expert swimmers, it is ADVISED that the children observe the mermaid swimming from the side of the pool, or that a designated adult is present in the water with them. We do require one adult per three children ratio to have an adult present to be supervising.


If you don't have a pool we can offer a dry party. Our mermaids are flexible and adaptabl
e according to your needs. She can sit on a chair or on the poolside. 

Here is a list of activity options

  • Photo opportunity

  • Stories of mermaid adventures in the sea (storytime)

  • Mermaid training (how to swim like a mermaid)

  • Follow the mermaid (Simon says)

  • Challenges (fast swimming, breath-hold, handstand, back flip, front flip)

  • Swim through a hula-hoop 

  • Treasure hunt (kids retrieve sinking toys at the bottom of the pool)

  • Marco Polo

  • Sharks and Minnows (someone pretends to be a shark while the kids must cross the pool without the shark touching them)


  • Mermaid swimming demonstration, tail splash, spins...

  • How to do underwater bubble rings and bubble heart kisses


  • Photo opportunity

  • Stories of mermaid adventures in the sea (storytime)

  • Bubble play

  • Follow the mermaid (Simon says)

  • Mermaid, Mermaid, Dolphin!

  • Treasure hunt (hide items and find them)

  • I spy...

  • Temporary tattoos

  • Mermaid hair braids

  • Mermaid hair tinsel (additional charge $25)

One last thing, tips/gratuities are never mandatory but they are welcome and greatly appreciated.

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