frequently asked questions about parties & events

What happens if a guest becomes ill, upset, or misbehaves?
The performer is only responsible for engaging the children in party activities. If the birthday child or any guest is ill the night before the party or day of please contact Britt Renee Creative as soon as possible to reschedule. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by a parent or party host. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is the responsibility of the hostess to monitor and take charge of any children who are misbehaving or do not want to participate in the party activities.


Should I leave a parking spot for the performer in front of my house? 
Actually, we prefer to park at least far enough away so that any performers are not seen arriving in a regular car! We also kindly request your help in keeping the magic alive by not allowing children to follow the performer(s) out to the car when she/he leaves. If possible, we prefer that any kind of payment is given out of view of the children as well.


What venues will you entertain at?
We can travel to any type of party venue, but please keep in mind that some venues have their own guideline and restrictions. Please check to see if your venue allows outside entertainment to come in before booking with us. Additionally, some costumes/characters require specific types of venues or special accommodations. All limitations/accommodations will be discussed during the scheduling/booking process. 


Outdoor Party Policy:
Outdoor venues are always welcome! However, if you are planning an outdoor event, always have a backup plan in the event of bad weather. Because of the delicate and expensive nature of our costumes and wigs, we will not be able to do an outdoor event if the temperature is above 80 degrees unless a shaded area is provided. We also ask that you provide accommodations for our performers in the event of bad weather/wind/extreme heat. Character performers require a clean, dry area free of dirt and mud. Please let us know at the time of scheduling/booking if your event is outdoors so that we can make proper preparations. 


Am I expected to tip my performer?

Gratuity is strongly encouraged by Britt Renee Creative. Each of the team members at Britt Renee Creative go above and beyond to make each event memorable for the clientele. Client understands that gratuity is not included in the package price.  Britt Renee Creative recommends the standard 15% and higher, which can be collected after completion of the service. For your convenience, here is our gratuity scale for reference:

  • Terrible: $0

  • Okay: $10

  • Great: $15

  • Spectacular: $20+

    *per team member


What if a guest arrives late?
All parties will begin at the time scheduled and agreed upon by the hostess and will end at the end of the party duration time. All activities are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time. Late guests are welcome to join in upon their arrival.


What does the performer bring with her to the party/event?
Our performers bring with them everything that is needed to carry out the activities for the event. We provide our own radio/music for sing-alongs and our own storybook for storytime. For any games/activities, we will bring with us everything needed to carry out these activities, unless you would like to have the performer(s) host musical chairs. Enough chairs would need to be provided for the children participating. 


What do I need to provide for the party?
Britt Renee Creative does not provide food, beverages, or supplies for eating or decorating. We are more than happy to sing Happy Birthday with your child and be around for food/cake, but we do not provide any food ourselves. We do ask that you be mindful of providing us with the proper space to carry out the activities you’ve chosen in your party package. We do ask that you have somewhere for our performers to sit during their visit.


What can I do to ensure that the visit goes smoothly? 
There are a few things you can do to always help with the fluidity of the party:
Help your performer to make the best grand entrance possible! If your performer is arriving in the middle of the party, make sure that they have an entrance that keeps the wonder and magic of the fairytale sacred (For example, The Little Mermaid would not be driving a car, so please keep that in mind when choosing a venue and reserving parking for your performer). 

For outside events/parties, please make sure a shaded area is provided that is free of any dirt or mud. In the event of bad weather, please have indoor accommodations available. 

Be available to aid the performer if issues arrive with children needing assistance or misbehaving.
Have cameras ready throughout the party! You don’t want to miss a single magical moment! Share the photos with us by tagging us on social media (Facebook & Instagram @brittreneecreative)


What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?
There is a non-refundable deposit of your total party price plus travel due at the time you sign the contract to reserve your date/time/character. After signing this contract, a cancellation at any time results in forfeiting the (non-refundable) deposit you placed at the time of booking. Any amount paid above the deposit mark is completely refundable at any time. Rescheduling is also available for another date/time that works within our schedule, but we charge an additional $25 for each rescheduling. We do not accept date/time changes one full week (168 hours) before the scheduled party/event.


Are you affiliated with Disney or any other company?
-No. Our characters are generic and based on public domain fairy tales and other stories. No copyright infringement is intended. This brings us to our disclaimer below.


Disclaimer: It is not the intention of Britt Renee Creative to violate any copyright laws. We can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not represent any licensed character. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the company/copyright holders.