COVID19 Update: With the new regulations, we are happy to offer in-person princess parties! We will continue to still offer video calls during this time. Changes we will make to ensure your safety as well as ours:

​Limiting the number of children:

- INSIDE PARTIES: Up to 12 children total
- OUTSIDE PARTIES: Up to 20 children total

- Games and activities are chosen to adhere to social distancing of staying 6 feet apart.
- Outside location is required if guests are not going to wear masks (eg park, patio or yard). 

​- At the client's request, character performers and assistants will arrive with a mask on.
- The character will bring sanitizer to use at the beginning of the party during storytime and will offer it to everyone as well during that time.
- All party supplies and dresses will be disinfected between each party.

Any confirmed case of COVID-19 among your parties guests within 2 weeks of the party date must be reported to us immediately.

Even though things need to change for the moment, we are confident that our parties can be just as magical and memorable as before!

For more details or to book, send us a message.